Liquid Solder Fluxes for Lead Free wave Soldering

Lead-Free Wave and selective soldering require exposing the flux to slightly higher soldering temperatures.
Lead-Free alloys traditionally wet metal surfaces more slowly than tin-lead. Kester liquid fluxes for Lead-Free assembly have new activator packages to enable wetting and hole-filling, ensuring reliable product output.

No-Clean Solder Fluxes for Lead-Free Assembly

Low Solids VOC-Free
Formula 1868 979*
Percent Solids (Typical) 4.25 4.5
Specific Gravity (gm/cc) at 25oC (Typical) 0.803 1.020
Product Characteristics Designed to improve effectiveness in wave soldering of conventional circuit board assemblies. Formulated to provide excellent cosmetic appearances yet minimising micro-solderballing and bridging at connectors and CPU areas. The residue of 1868 is non-conductive, non-corrosive and tack-free that need not be removed and posed no interference with electrical testing. Most active VOC-Free flux for optimal top-side wetting and solderballs reduction. May be applied by spray or dip process.
Compliant Specifications Bellcore Issue 1
Flux Designator R0M0
Bellcore Issue 1
Flux Designator 0RL0
Residue Removal Method Not normally required Not normally required
Thinner No. 108-S De-ionised Water
Flux Test Kit PS-20 PS-20 or PS-22

Water-Soluble Solder Fluxes for Lead-Free Assembly
Non-Acid, Organic Organic, VOC-Free
Formula 2331 2220VF
Percent Solids (Typical) 33 7.2
Specific Gravity (gm/cc) at 25oC (Typical) 0.888 1.058
Product Characteristics The neutral chemistry of this organic water-soluble formula makes it unique from the rest. It has good soldering properties without sacrificing the reliability of the assembly. The flux does not attack properly cured solder masks, FR4 epoxy-glass laminates and will not degrade the surface insulation resistance of the soldered assembly. A high activity organic flux that provides maximum capillary wetting action up plated through-holes, amking it ideal for use on multilayer boards. Minimises icicling and bridging and produces bright, shiny solder joints. It is chemically compatible with most solder masks and board laminates and does not emit offensive odors during soldering. Suitable for spray, dip or foam applications.
Compliant Specifications IPC ANSI/J-STD-004
Flux Designator 0RH1
Flux Designator 0RH1
Residue Removal Method Unlike other acid fluxes, this neutral flux residue permits cleaning by using plain water. This allows for easy disposal of the wash and rinse water. Residue removal is required. Use soft or de-ionised water at temperatures of 43°C-60°C (110°F-140°F) with 2% solution of Kester #5768 Bio-Kleen saponifier.
Thinner No. 4662 De-ionised Water
Flux Test Kit Not Applicable Not Applicable