Lead Free Wafer Bumping Solder Paste

wafer bumping solder paste

Formula No-Clean
Se-Cure 7601
Water Soluble
Se-Cure 7101
Product Characteristics Designed for substrate, wafer-bumping and ultra-low pitch printing operations. SE-CURE 7601 thermally stable fluxing system is compatible with both eutectic SnPb and Lead-Free (SnCu, SnAg, and SnAgCu) alloys. This high activity paste exhibits long stencil life while still delivering exceptional solderability and low voiding. Designed for wafer bumping and ultra-low pitch bumping applications, SE-CURE 7101 is a thermally stable flux system that reduces voiding in FC and CSP. When using SE-CURE 7101, the voiding level of FC and CSP's has been reduced from 25% to less than 10%. It releases cleanly from stencil apertures up to area ratio of 1.5 (mesh size dependant) without slumping or flux bleed out and with optimal deposit definition. The activator package has been formulated to exhibit exceptional wetting characteristics to many different Under Bump Metallurgies (UBM) and is available in Sn63/Pb37, Lead-Free alloys, low alpha (<0.02cph/cm2), and ultra-low alpha (<0.002cph/cm2) solder alloys.
Residue Removal Method Not normally required but its residue can be removed by using Kester #5252M solvent cleaner or #5260 aqueous cleaner. Use de-ionized water at 49°C-60°C (120°F-14°F)
Compliant Specifications IPC ANSI/J-STD-004
Flux designator R0L0
Bellcore Issue 1
Flux designator R0L0