Residue Cleaners

Flux Residue Cleaning Solution

Characteristics 5768 5240 5315
Flux Type Aqueous Saponifier Solvent Solvent
Product Characteristics Safe removal of rosin residue is accomplished by saponification allowing for aqueous washing. Designed for difficult to remove solder paste residues. It is non reactive with most metals present on electronic assemblies. The low evaporation rate and rapid solvent action makes this solvent economical to use for the removal of rosin flux residues. Developed for the removal of residues left by low solids, no-clean fluxes. It is more effective than isopropanol.
Application This concentrated formula is intended to be used at a 5-15% concentration with water.

It may be heated to 160°F to further facilitate residue removal. Designed to be used in a batch or in-line cleaning system. Not recommended for use in manual or ultrasonic cleaning operations.
Soldered assemblies are best cleaned by dipping them into, or spraying them with this bench top, cold cleaning solvent. Sufficient solvent should be used to remove the dissolved residue from the parts being cleaned. Designed for use in automated conveyer finger cleaning equipment in soldering machines.