Laser Cut SMT Stencils


Advantages of Laser-cut SMT Stencils
Direct input of data through CAD files minimises the chance of errors.
High accuracy ; errors : ≤ ± 5μ m .
High smoothness of pads;roughness ≤ ± 1 μ m
Cuts accurately on stencils as thick as 0.6mm
Convenient addition of pads.
Fiducial marks can be made virtually anywhere on every side.
Fast delivery:12 hour delivery, to main cities arranged on request.
Custom-made stencil designs for customers to suit different brands of solder paste printers
Pad pitches of 150 μ m easily made.
Trapezoid pad walls help the adhesion of epoxy resin or solder paste to PCB.
Protection lip at the openings ensures epoxy resin diffuses into the openings, reducing bridging, solder bails and the cleaning of stencils. thereby decreasing waste prints.
Suitable for the strict requirements for SMT no-clean technology.
Waste prints reduced by Increased manufacturing reliability

Features of LPKF StencilLaser 600 x 600 Laser Stencils Cutter
Solid rigid constrution using granite base ensures accuracy and stability.
Raster calibration system ensures accurate positioning ≤ ± 5μ m for X.Y axes at full travel, ± 3 μ m . repeat accuracy,and 0.5 μ m resolution.
Activecutting area:600x600mm.
Maximum metal sheet size 850x800mm.
Pulsed 4000 Hz-frequency Nd-YAG laser, specially produced for cutting stainless steel .
Diameter of focused beam ≤ ± 40 μ m.
On-line control module ensures excellent quality of cutting
Well-developed Circuit CAM software for data processing and machine control
Cutting speed:up to 6000 apertures/hour.
CCD Camera alignmeni system ensures accurate reorientation.
Adopted world famous BAASEL Lasersystem.